Mango Ice Cream

                     This mango ice cream recipe is from Tina’s blog I have followed the recipe exactly the same. Easy and tasty ice cream. It is a great treat for kids…….

Recipe Source: kaipunyam


1 cup mango pulp
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 tsp lime juice
1 cup fresh cream


  1. Blend mango pulp, powdered sugar and lime juice , whip it and keep it in the freezer. When it is half set,whip it again.
  2. In a bowl, whip the cream separately and fold it into the mango mixture.
  3. Place it again in the freezer for some time and whip it well. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times in a period of 2 hours.
  4. Transfer it into an container and freeze it overnight…Tasty mango ice cream is ready to serve…



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