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Elaneer Avil Milk / Tender Coconut Aval Milk

Ingredients: 3 ripe small bananas1/2 cup tender coconut pulp ( I used store bought one)a pinch of cardamom powder1/4 cup aval / avil / rice flakes2-3 tbsp cashew nuts, chopped2-3 tbsp almonds, chopped1/2 cup chilled milk2 scoop of vanilla ice creamcaramelized coconut, for garnishingcrushed pistachios Preparation: Recipe Source:

Drinks, Ramadan/ Iftar Recipes, Summer Specials

Watermelon Cool Drink

Ingredients: 2 cup watermelon, chopped2-3 tbsp sugar1 tsp ginger, choppedwatermelon piecesice cubes, as required2 tsp lemon juice3-4 mint leaves, chopped Preparation: In a blender, add chopped watermelon, sugar, ginger and 1/2 cup chilled water and blend well. Strain it to a bowl/ jug and add lemon juice and chopped mint leaves. In a serving glass, […]

Drinks, Summer Specials

Chikku / Sapota Juice

Ingredients: 3 ripe chikku/ sapota/ chikoo1 cup watersugar as required1 tsp lemon juice Preparation: Peel, deseed and chop chikoos into small pieces. In a blender, add chopped chikoos, water, lemon juice and sugar and blend well until smooth. Pour into serving glasses and serve …

Drinks, Summer Specials

Watermelon – Orange Juice

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup watermelon, chopped2 orangessugar, as requiredfew ice cubes Preparation: Peel oranges and remove its seeds.  In a blender, add chopped watermelon, peeled orange, ice cubes and sugar and blend well. Pour into the serving glasses and serve immediately…

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Soda Sambaram / Soda Buttermilk

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup buttermilkfew ice cubessmall piece ginger1 green chilli2-3 shallotsfew curry leavessalt to tastechilled soda, as required Preparation: In a bowl / jug, add buttermilk, ice cubes and salt and mix well. Crush together ginger, shallots, green chilli and curry leaves and add this to buttermilk and mix well. Pour half into serving […]