Strawberry Creamy Sorbet and Mango Creamy Sorbet


4 cups milk
1 tin condensed milk
1-2 tbsp sugar, powdered
2-3 drops of strawberry mix
2-3 drops of mango mix


  1. In a bowl / jug, add milk, condensed milk and sugar and mix well.
  2. Then divide it into two equal parts. In one part, add 2-3 drops of strawberry mix and mix well.
  3. In other part, add 2-3 drops of mango mix and mix well.
  4. Pour into 2 separate ice trays and keep it in the freezer overnight to set.
  5. Serve it in serving bowls / cups, mango cubes alternating with strawberry cubes..
  • You can also use few drops of strawberry essence and pink colour for strawberry sorbet and few drops of mango essence and orange colour for mango sorbet…

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