Kumbalanga – Mathanga and Vellapayar Olan


1 cup kumbalanga / ashgourd, peeled and cubed
1 cup mathanga / pumpkin, peeled and cubed
1/2 cup black eyed beans/ vellapayar ( 1 cup cooked)
2-3 green chillies, slit
3/4-1 cup semi thick coconut milk (second extract)
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
1-2 sprig curry leaves
salt to taste
2 tsp coconut oil


  1. Soak the black eyed beans overnight and pressure cook it adding enough water and salt. Drain the water and keep it aside.  
  2. In a pan, add cubed ashgourd, pumpkin and 1/2 cup of water and cook covered till 3/4 cooked.
  3. Add slit green chillies and salt to this and mix well and cook covered for 3-5 minutes till cooked.
  4. Add semi thick coconut milk to this and allow to boil.
  5. Then add cooked black eyed beans, mix well and cook for 3-5 minutes over medium-low flame.
  6. Adjust the salt and add thick coconut milk and cook for 1-2 minutes over low flame.
  7. Add curry leaves and drizzle some coconut oil . Switch off the flame and serve with riceā€¦

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